Our Sunnyvale Church

What FUMC Means To Me

The First United Methodist Church is a gathering of folks who offer friendship, support, acceptance, love and caring. It is where one experiences a true renewal of the spirit with meaningful worship services and warm fellowship.

— Margaret Mason

FUMC is the Church that brought me back to God after a long absence.

It is the Church where my wife became a pastor.

It is the Church that supported me as she died from cancer.

It is the Church that continues to care for me.

It is the Church that allows me to support others.

— Bob Stetson

I relocated from India to the USA in 2008. I was born and raised in a Christian family. So church has played a very big role in my growing up years. I started coming to FUMC Sunnyvale because it was close to my apartment. Within a few months this church has become an integral part of my life. The people here are loving, caring and helpful. They have welcomed me into their church family and made me feel at home. The congregation has supported my spiritual and social well being. I am thankful to God that I started coming here.

— Sarah Jeyapalan

I grew up in Sonoma County and went to the same Methodist church for fifteen years. However, since graduating from high school, I've moved every two to three years so it's been difficult to form a long term connection with any new church I start attending. Despite not being able to get to church every Sunday, every time I show up at Sunnyvale First UMC, Tom always has a big hug for me and Ruth always says hello. I always feel welcome when I walk through those doors, whether I'm five minutes late after being gone a month or on time three Sundays in a row.

— Heather Sevrens

When we were transferred to the Silicon Valley from the east coast over 10 years ago, we searched for a church where our family could grow in our Christian faith, love, and fellowship. We sought a place of Christian support and encouragement for our children. The Sunnyvale First United Methodist church continues to welcome and nurture families, just as it welcomed and nurtured ours. The children and youth programs, missions, sermons, music, bible studies, prayer chains, and fellowship groups are all committed to strengthening one's relationship with Christ. The Sunnyvale church is large enough to have a diverse congregation, but small enough to get to know people personally. This is a very welcoming church; if you are searching for Christ's message and truth with a sincere heart, this is a great church family to join.

— Mary Wu

The church, to me, is a welcoming family that offers comfort to all that enter. In the youth group, everybody is friendly and kind; we have fun hanging out and talking.

— Lillie Oravetz